The Ideal Perfect Wallet

Lance Mascardo
6 min readJun 24, 2021



My ideal wallet is a small wallet that has two sides; one side has a pocket for cards (ID’s and cards for money transaction) and one side has a pocket for pictures (personal pictures with friends, family, pets, loved ones etc.). Above the wallet there is a zipper that can be opened then appears a compartment for money.


I interviewed my friend Mikee about her ideal wallet. Her wallet is a handy one with a compartment to separate bills from coins. Cash contained are 20 peso bills up to 1000 peso bills. The wallet also contains any identification card that has her name and emergency contact person in case of accidents and emergencies. In addition, her wallet includes all important receipts such tuition fees, bills, balances etc. Even though the wallet is simple, there is a lot to unpack.


The elements I have noticed on her wallet were simplicity, safety and order. First of all, the wallet is colored beige inspired by her mother having beige wallet when growing up. Diverse bills (20 pesos, 50 pesos, 100 pesos, 500 pesos up to 1000 pesos) are there so that the higher bills won’t be affected when she buy things in small prices. The compartment for bills and coins is there because no one likes to have their bills be sandwiched by coins; it will make the wallet bulky if ever. Simplicity because there are no fancy things inside her wallet; no pictures, no memorabilia, no sentimental things. Simply, it’s just cash and receipts. The story behind the simplicity is there was a time that her wallet got stolen that contains a lot of pictures and things with sentimental values. She said that it is okay to have her money stolen but never ever the sentimental things inside of her wallet (family pictures, 1x1 pictures, price tags of her gifts etc.)


With her ideal wallet, Mikee is trying to achieve the essence of the wallet being an object for any transaction that involves money. The compartment for bills and coins represents order for convenience. She wants order for her bills to fit the amount based on her planned expenses. Overall, she wants the wallet to be handy to hold and not too complicated to bring; just a simple grab and go.


Even though she doesn’t want to put other things other than money and receipts in her wallet based on past experiences, it projects that she wants to ensure safety in general. It is just that she wants safety more on her sentimental possessions rather than money. However, the feeling on ensuring safety can also be applied in the money in her wallet because the general feeling of wanting safety is still there.


After generating insights on her ideal wallet, Mikee needs a way to feel and ensure order and safety on her wallet because the construction of her ideal wallet was brought upon by her past experiences that concerns safety.


Problem: Mikee needs a way to feel and ensure order and safety on her wallet because the construction of her ideal wallet was brought upon by her past experiences that concerns safety.

5 Radical Ways to Meet Her Needs

  1. Designing the compartments (ORDER)

2. Including the receipt and bill pocket (ORDER)

3. The chain attachment (SAFETY)

4. Fingerprint technology (SECURITY)

5. Features of the fingerprint technology (SECURITY)


When I presented the radical ways or the features I created for her ideal wallet, she agreed with the ideas. On the other hand, she suggested to add more features when it comes to the security aspect; a feature that would alarm her about her wallet and surely lock on the different compartments. Even though the wallet is closed, the bill compartment has no covering making it vulnerable to get stolen by someone who can’t open the wallet.


While the model and its features presented is still the same, there would be additional features based on the opinions and feedback of the interviewee. These additional features are:


In the prototype, the security fingerprint feature via the sim card type of chip that triggers the lock via magnets will be explored more.


After gathering the feedbacks when presented the final prototype, assessments occurred follows:


The design really captured the concept of Mikee’s ideal wallet. Simple elements such as the color and the compartments met her standards. According to her, design-wise, it is good and can be used in the daily basis.


Security-wise, there should be back-ups or protocols in case the sim card and phone got lost. In addition, there should also be alternatives in case the fingerprint scanner malfunctions.


Mikee’s question is about what if there is a jam or malfunction link between the phone and wallet.


To answer the question, the most applicable idea is that the pairing between the two can have an alternative; instead of fingerprints, the code which was used for pairing and troubleshooting, can also be used (it resembles a lock screen). This means that the user will just enter the code to the phone, the wallet will unlock instantly if malfunctions happen.


  1. How did talking to your interviewee inform/influence your design?

Talking with the interviewee made me aware of experimenting different types of colors that complement Beige which is the main color of the wallet. It also influenced me in finding a unique contrast and shade to make the different elements of the wallet be clear and visible and to look like “a wallet”.

2. How did testing and getting feedback impact your final design?

Even though she is okay with the initial design (found on the 5 radical ways), the feedbacks impacted the designing the function of the security aspect of the wallet. I thought of ways how to make sure that the wallet will be 100% secured. Also, the feedbacks revolved around the functionality itself rather than the design because the concern of safety and security.

3. What was the most challenging part of the process for you?

Designing of the physical appearance of the wallet is not that hard because I have the notes and sketches brought by the interviewee. However, the most challenging part of the process was thinking thoroughly on how the safety and security aspect of the wallet will function. These aspects are the solution to the problem that is why I consumed a lot of time for it.