Broadcast Scriptwriting

Lance Mascardo
1 min readMay 23, 2021


To be honest, seeing the lecture about the basics and rules of broadcast writing is a bit overwhelming because it is not the same of writing a news article; there are things that need to be considered such as the kind of voice, format of numbers and the structure of the sentence. What we did was doing the task divided into different pairs so that each member have a contribution fair and square. After that, we combined the parts and did some tweaking to make the script coherent. I think we did a good job in writing the script and also gained new connections because I met new people who were my members.

Below is our broadcast script that we made as a team:

Donation collector pleads guilty to stealing millions of church donations

A donation collector was pleaded guilty after she was caught stealing one million eight hundred thousand pesos at Aqovida Fellowship Church today.

Dina Natuto was instructed with the counting of the daily donation of the Aqovida Fellowship Church before he was caught stealing from the collection plate. Another detail disclosed by the church was Natuto was caught when another church employee noticed the money contained inside the envelopes went missing. Investigation was then handed to the police. An estimated amount of one million eight hundred thousand pesos was taken.

Pastor Jack Bagbaga says that he was wrong to assume that Natuto was nice, polite and gentle hearted. Natuto is to serve 3 years in prison with a fine of 100-thousand pesos as sentence by Judge Malou Hwang.