ASDAL in Travel Planning

Lance Mascardo
1 min readJun 29, 2021

There are ASDAL elements that underlie in my family vacation planning (see the previous blog “THE GETAWAY” ) With those, I plotted and pinpointed those elements in a table infographic as seen below:

I shared my table to a classmate and she shared hers also. This is what I’ve said about the comparison between my Vacation Planning to hers in terms of applying the ASDAL methods:

“There are some planning elements that differ because it all depends in what aspects are the priority; in short, it all depends on the goal. On the other hand, some elements are quite similar when it comes to the Learning because we both want to achieve cultural knowledge and cultural sensitivity. The planning elements are properly put into their respective ASDAL elements and it can be seen that the specific planning are meant to achieve the goal which is to travel. In the end, the planning methods are applied correctly.”