About the Writer

Lance Mascardo
1 min readJan 28, 2022

If persistence was a person, that would be the person writing this, Lance Mascardo. Contingency is his specialty. He doesn’t stick to one plan, he does bring back ups in case one fails making him three steps ahead always. Grinds to bring the best to fulfill goals in certain situations with his creative mind. He is a team player wanting others not to feel left out. He reads. He writes. He creates. He listens. He plays. He understands.

This person is a versatile individual knowledgeable in different aspects of pop culture arts and media. From comics, films and music, those are the things that shape his interests. One day, he will be the person and the creative brains behind different works that the public will consume. Who knows? He might be a musician, a writer, or a public relations officer. Only time will tell.

But despite all the qualities he had shown, deep down he is a man that is still forging his path. Sometimes, he is afraid to take risks but yet his persistence prevails in order to take those risks. Hesitant, but not resistant. His confidence is not yet at its best. However, these circumstances lead to his complexities that make him ask himself what the person he wants to be. No matter how many dangerous and safe paths he take, its experience and debris will always be a part of him that will shape his overall character.